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Why Cougar Dating Is Popular And How To Succeed At It

Cougar dating is a relationship between a young man and a woman who is more than eight years older than the man. While a cougar relationship may be awkward in the perspective of many conservatives, this type of relationship is one of the most popular in the current times. However, most conservative societies have not  Continue Reading »

WARNING – Your Dating Life Could Be Changed By A Hot Cougar!

If you’re in your twenties or even your early thirties, then your dating life could be changed by a hot cougar. A cougar is typically a woman in her thirties, forties, or even fifties who is looking to hook up and have sex with a younger man. And if you are the younger man then  Continue Reading »

The Cougar Revolution – Why Are They Dating Younger Men?

More rich and successful older women are going the cougar route and seeking younger men for a relationship. One may just wonder why these women do this but there are no doubt solid reasons why. Outlined below are reasons why this woman with a seemingly perfect-looking life depicting all hallmarks of success would want to  Continue Reading »

On Midlife Women And Cougar Dating

People’s views on midlife women and cougar dating are more often than not coloured by prejudice. While reams have been written about mid life crises that men need to deal with; in the case of women the issues that are discussed pertain to menopause and the impact it has on a woman’s life and lifestyle.  Continue Reading »

Tips On Dating Cougars

Getting To Know A Cougar Despite all the stories, misinformation and jokes about cougars, they are just like any other people in the dating game. However, cougars come with a certain level of preference and mostly a no-nonsense attitude. A cougar is any attractive woman aged between 40 and 60 years who prefers dating younger  Continue Reading »

Cougar Singles Looking For Younger Men – Why Cougar Dating Is So Great?

Most young men love the idea of initiation into the pleasures of sex by an attractive, well endowed older woman. She can not only match his desire and lust for intense sex, but be able to teach him and guide him to make love with finesse and expertise. A young male is eager to be  Continue Reading »

Cougar Dating Is On The Rise

Cougar dating has without a doubt experienced an upsurge during the last decade; this form of dating is quite prevalent all over the world. Initially during its inception, cougar dating was facing opposition from various sectors of the society; the myriad of reasons opposing its existence portrayed the practice as going against religious, social as  Continue Reading »

Cougar Dating – Why Are So Many People Into It?

Going On An Actual Conquest There is just some thrill that a predator feels when pursuing a prey. Now picture how much more intense this thrill is when the prey actually is stronger and more physically fit than the predator yet it is conquered. This is how most people feel when they date cougars. Men  Continue Reading »

Cougar Dating- The Pitfalls You Should Beware Of!

Cougar dating, once taboo, seems to have become more acceptable now. However, even with that said there are still things one should consider and be careful of before considering any long-term commitments. You don’t want to risk the chance of breaking their heart and you obviously don’t want to waste their time. Some are more  Continue Reading »