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How To Attract And Date Hot Older Women!

Okay men you have probably wondered this over the years as you dated right? Will she like me? She is too much older than me? She will never fall for a younger guy. Well do not fear! With a little luck and some tips you just might find yourself with a beautiful woman who is  Continue Reading »

Older Women Looking For Younger Men

The history of cougar dating is traced back as early as during the eighteenth century. This form of dating gained popularity during the late 20th century and its popularity has increased especially in the twenty first century. In the current world, dating is a common concept that is one of the greatest life skills. Owing  Continue Reading »

Cougar Dating Rules – What You Should Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

Dating a cougar is very interesting and fun because you are dating mature women who have the heart of a youngster. On the surface, dating cougars seems easy but there are plenty of ways to ruin your chances if you are unaware of cougar dating rules. Dating Do’s Study your date’s profile to learn what  Continue Reading »

Cougar Dating Is On The Rise

Cougar dating has without a doubt experienced an upsurge during the last decade; this form of dating is quite prevalent all over the world. Initially during its inception, cougar dating was facing opposition from various sectors of the society; the myriad of reasons opposing its existence portrayed the practice as going against religious, social as  Continue Reading »