Cougar Dating Is On The Rise

Cougar dating has without a doubt experienced an upsurge during the last decade; this form of dating is quite prevalent all over the world. Initially during its inception, cougar dating was facing opposition from various sectors of the society; the myriad of reasons opposing its existence portrayed the practice as going against religious, social as well as moral teachings. However, the practice has now been accepted as part and parcel of social lifestyle that contributes to a special niche in terms of companionship and emotional support.

What Is Cougar Dating?

Cougar dating can be explained as a form of dating that consists of a more mature woman going out with a younger man. The age difference between the woman and the man is wide, with most couples having at least an age difference of twenty or more years. Some arguments exist between making a distinction between a sugar mummy and a cougar; this can best be explained by the fact that unlike in sugar mummy dating, cougar dating starts off based on emotional and intimacy relationship without having the money aspect in mind, whereas in sugar mummies, money is always the underlying aspect.

Why Is Cougar Dating On The Rise?

The social acceptance of dating a cougar being norm in the society has opened up the community to this not so new dispensation. More people both the young and the old are taking on this new phenomenon that is sweeping across the society. The popularity of dating a cougar is quite evident with the increase in cougar dating sites and visual observation of dating couples. A bountiful of reasons exist on why the trend is on the increase, this include the following:

No Strings attached:

Dating a cougar will more often than not involve a mutual understanding, whereby long term relationships are not affixed during the onset of the relationship. This ensures that both parties accept to flow with the tide without necessarily having to compromise or sacrifice part of their being.


Just like the old saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”, cougars are well versed in the world of romance, intimacy and also experience having been in this situation a couple of times. This will most certainly favor a young lad who is seeking instant gratification without having to go through the usual headaches that are prone to dating a younger woman. To the cougar new experiences will on most occasions spruce up the romance and also offer new ways of doing things.

Convenient and time saving:

The ratio of cougars in the society is quite low; this makes it a challenge for a younger person who is seeking to meet a more mature lady. Cougar dating is also not openly discussed thus further watering down any chances of meeting a cougar, the availability of cougar dating sites ensure that different parties can easily hook up without having to undergo a lot of trial and error in course of searching.

Cougar dating has changed the way emotional relationships take place and has already cut a niche in the market. More cougars and their younger dates are actually going the full journey and getting married thus leading a normal family life. The improvement in technology also ensures that child bearing prospective can also be achieved.

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