Cougar Dating Rules – What You Should Do and What You Shouldn’t Do

Dating a cougar is very interesting and fun because you are dating mature women who have the heart of a youngster. On the surface, dating cougars seems easy but there are plenty of ways to ruin your chances if you are unaware of cougar dating rules.

Dating Do’s

Study your date’s profile to learn what interests them. Avoid generic conversations but instead direct the discussion to her background.

If you have not laughed during a date, then there is something terribly wrong. Try to engage in a lighthearted conversation with a touch of humor and intrigue. Be friendly, warm and happy, it is contagious and your date will certainly reciprocate these sentiments.

Do listen. Most people complain that their date failed to notice what they said.

Ask questions. One way to show you are paying attention in a conversation is through asking pertinent questions. Your date will be impressed.

First impression is a lasting impression. Look sharp and smart. Pay attention to your breath, your hair, your cologne and your outfit.

Make eye contact. Looking elsewhere or playing around with items can be quite annoying during a conversation.

Do call on the day of the date for confirmation. Make sure you arrive on time. You should also call the day after the date to thank them for a nice time.

Be flexible. Be open to new concepts in all areas of your relationship.

Live in the moment. Do not worry about your relationship 2 years from now; it would be better to focus on the present moment.

Make her feel comfortable with friends and family.

Dating Don’ts

Do not leave your phone on during the date.

Don’t talk about your ex. Such a conversation is best suited for the future when your relationship has matured.

Do not put on too much perfume or cologne. Your date maybe allergic or find it irritating.

Do not bring her presents until you are engaged. This may pressure your date to move on or stay for all the wrong reasons.

Never pressure your date for sex or even a kiss. Watch the other person’s body language to see whether it is receptive.

Do not wait too long before you call her for a second date. No one would want to feel unimportant or manipulated.

Do not focus on your age difference. Age is nothing but a number.

Do not act like her kid. Do not put up with anything other than utter respect from a cougar.

Do not mind read. If you want to know what is on her mind, just ask.

Do not be offended if she offers to settle a bill. Cougars are independent in nature and are very generous women.

Being in a relationship with a young woman is similar to being involved with a cougar. However, cougars are complicated and possess needs that can only be fulfilled by young men. Not everyone has what it takes to impress a cougar. Knowing cougar dating rules is all it takes to get into a relationship with a cougar.

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