Cougar Dating – Should You Start Dating Mature Women?

There seems to be a marked trend for younger men to seek out older women. Before you consider the seemingly daunting steps towards the cougar of your choice. One possibly needs to be totally sure this is what you want. The image of the cougar is one of a saucy predator, physically in shape, with a substantial wallet and great lifestyle behind her. Plus the cougars sexual experience makes her a seemingly seductress with power. Not many images seem quite so alluring.

Sex And The Mature Woman

You could be used to dating younger women. So when meeting your enticing cougar, be prepared for her to take control. She is not afraid to voice her dislikes and likes. Often with feverance. You could be experiencing things you have never experienced before. So hold tight and enjoy the ride. Sometimes embarking on new experiences can be a little scary, but also exciting so let go and remember, inhibitions wont serve this relationship.

Her Past Experiences

Being older often means she has experienced a few relationships. She knows what she wants and is possibly independent and self willed. So don’t expect to be calling the shots all the time. Unless of course it is discussed before hand. Not all cougars at the predatory animals they are made out to be. But they know their boundaries.

Consider If You Are Wanting A Family

Cougars often come with their own children. Mostly fully grown or on their way to adulthood. So if you are considering starting a family, you need to decide if this is a realistic situation for you. Of course there is adoption, but many mature women are done with babies and all the hassle that goes with that idea. So make sure you know how important this is for you.

The Cougar And The Glamour Myth

It is true many cougars are extremely well looked after. Some even seek surgical assistance, spend hours in gyms and look fantastic most of the time. But many are very natural, prefer comfortable clothes and find focus on looks quite superficial. So your cougar may come in many shapes and sizes. Be a little realistic in the looks department. After all it is also their sultry minds and ease of being that is so enticing too.

The Older Woman And Health

Of course the older one gets the more health issues could arise, be prepared for this. Consider how you would manage if you were in a situation whereby you were assisting your lady love on a daily basis. Or if it interfered with your life in general. Love conquers all, and don’t underestimate the chance of love blossoming. Menopause could also be looming on the horizon but with that a wealth of sexual freedom can overwhelm your sexy older woman leading to greater sexuality and a more relaxed attitude. Don’t underestimate the mood swings and turmoil she may be enduring.

The Cougar And Finances

Often the mature woman has been working many years and has accumulated a healthy bank balance. This enables her to take control of the financial running of the home. Make sure you don’t take this personally and are willing to relinquish some control there. But always be willing to contribute. Nobody wants a male that simply takes and does not give in return. Conversely some mature women have very little. So make sure in your plan of action that you have resources for both of you. It is partially a myth that all cougars are well off.

Some older women do look for flings or shorter relationships. But many also fall deeply in love. When you embark on this incredible journey be prepared for anything!

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