Cougar Dating – Top Tips And Advice

The term cougar refers to a woman in her 30s, 40s or 50s who is dating younger men, typically those in their twenties. Cougar dating is now much more acceptable than it was before. One thing that has contributed to the popularity of this kind of dating is that women are now taking care of themselves well by eating healthy and engaging in physical activity and this makes them look younger than their age. If you are a man who wants to get into the world of cougar dating, you will find the following tips and advice useful.

Since you want to get a cougar and keep her, you should be ready to treat her in a romantic manner. Be a gentleman and go out of your way to open doors for her, pay her compliments, buy her flowers and notice anything new such as when she gets her nails done. If you buy her flowers, make sure that you place a hand written note in the bouquet telling her that you really enjoy her company. You can even give her a box of chocolates since this is also a good sign of affection.

When dating a cougar, make sure that you do not make her feel old. Your goal should be to give her the feeling that she looks younger than she actually is just like you feel when a waiter asks you to show him/her your ID when buying alcohol. If you do not live in a city that has many cougars, the best place where you can get to chat with such women is on cougar dating sites. Typically, there are more women than men on these sites and you cannot lack to find a date. You can browse their profiles from the comfort of your home and then hook up for dates.

Another thing that you should do when dating a cougar is to provide her with new experiences. Consider that older women look forward to doing things that they did not do when they were young and you should therefore be creative when thinking of the places to take her on a date. As you date a cougar, you should not be needy since older women are independent and they do not want a man to control their lives.

Make sure that you know what she wants from the relationship in order to avoid misunderstandings. Find out if she is looking for a long term or casual relationship. Refrain from talking about marriage unless she is interested in such a relationship. Another thing that you should do when dating a cougar is to ask her for advice if you feel that you may be doing something in the wrong way. Older women are more patient and ready to teach younger men how women should be treated.

You should also avoid being jealous or possessive when dating a cougar. These women have passed through a lot in their lives and you should be willing to let her do what she wants. For example, if she wants to go out with her friends, accept it as her right. Cougar dating should be fun and by following these tips and advice, you will be on your way to enjoying it.

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