Cougar Dating – Why Are So Many People Into It?

Going On An Actual Conquest

There is just some thrill that a predator feels when pursuing a prey. Now picture how much more intense this thrill is when the prey actually is stronger and more physically fit than the predator yet it is conquered. This is how most people feel when they date cougars. Men are natural predators and the mere fact that cougars are somehow out of reach makes them all the more alluring; a greater challenge.

That is actually what happens to people who have won smaller conquests. They often long for a mountain that seems insurmountable. They feel the need to graduate, the need to look for a better way to use their honed skills in the dating field, the need to enter into a world filled with a little more complexity than the present is. That is why they find themselves pining for a cougar in the long run.

The Gem Called Maturity

There is a way that a cougar is level headed in which the younger generation women are not. The ultimate cougar has done it all, seen it all, and most importantly been through it all. With experience comes maturity. She will therefore not mercilessly stalk you when it`s over, she will not build a fairytale of how a relationship should actually be. She is mature enough to understand that you need to work late at times, hang out with the boys on football nights, and sleep over some issues before you can address them when you are saner in the morning.

Is It In You?

There are some people who have been genuinely attracted to older women from the day they entered into the dating scene. They find the older woman much more alluring, like a carrot dangled in front of a horse. The longing they have for a cougar has no ties whatsoever with the maturity or the conquest. It is like something of a pre-disposition. With the many internet sites that have cougar dating just a click away, such people no longer hide in the darkness, keeping their feelings under lock and key. The allure of the older woman that cannot be explained is now out in the open. And even though they cannot put a finger on what draws them to her, they yield.

Want To Skydive?

Older women are like a breath of fresh air. They are uninhibited on the by and large. This means a lot more fun. Dating a cougar is like skydiving; a thrilling experience in every sense of the word. It makes you shed off more and more of your reservations daily as you continue to date them.

Some people have even termed the experience as addictive. You not only get to have a splendid time each time you are together, but you also end up spicing things a lot more where intimacy is concerned. You enter into a brand new world where the lights don`t have to always be switched off, where the sweat doesn’t always have to be washed off first, and where there are a million and one alternatives to the bed.

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