Cougar Singles Looking For Younger Men – Why Cougar Dating Is So Great?

Most young men love the idea of initiation into the pleasures of sex by an attractive, well endowed older woman. She can not only match his desire and lust for intense sex, but be able to teach him and guide him to make love with finesse and expertise. A young male is eager to be seen as someone who is sexually experienced.
He has no qualms about exploring his sexuality, so long as he get to enjoy lots of sex with attractive and eager partners from the opposite sex.

The Cougar On The Prowl, May In Fact Be A Myth

A woman in her 30s, 40s and even 50s is suddenly aware of her increasing desire for sex. She is certain of her sexual wants and desires and sees no harm in going all out to fulfill them. She is eager to enjoy the pleasures of some hot and funky action between the sheets. But invariably her sexual partner, who is older than her, is fast losing interest in sex as he is caught up with a lot of other things like stress in his work place, career, poor health and fatigue.

Therefore it is safe to assume that a young man and a older woman getting together is very natural. They fulfill their mutual desire for a no strings attached sexual affair.The world calls such a liaison as an affair linking a cougar and her boy toy. But to think that a cougar preys upon young innocent men is totally wrong. The young male with a raging libido prefers to actively seek out cougars who are eager to date younger males.

Cougars Have Succeeded In Turning The Tables On Rich Old Men Chasing Young Girls

With most modern women being career oriented, it is not surprising that single, mature and assertive women are successful in their careers and are well settled. Assertive and confident, cougar singles looking for younger men is no longer a secret and furtive affair.

The cougar has an uninhibited attitude towards sex and is capable of taking care of the younger male if he can satisfy her sexual craving and her need for a companion who can complement her success and vitality with his youth and vigor. The cougar loves it when the young stud is lusting for her body. She revels in young male attention directed towards her well maintained physique and material success.

She is excited when he can satisfy her need for vigorous and long lasting sex. The sexually active cougar is eager to discover her multi orgasmic sexual nature and is satiated only when her much younger partner is able to match her new found lust for sex. The eager co-operation from her young companion helps her in satisfying her most intimate and secret fantasies without any feeling of shame or guilt. It is not easy for older men whose sexual prowess is declining, to keep up with her seemingly insatiable demand for sex.

Also, the young male is adventurous and willing to try any thing new to satisfy his older sexual partner. So the single cougar can shed her inhibitions and indulge her unleashed passion to the fullest. The young male loves being sexually dominated by a cougar as he is getting plenty of sex and may actually enjoy being flaunted by a cougar in her social circles.

The Rich Old Man Lusting After Young Girls For Sex May Actually Be A Myth

If the older successful men are dating girls less than half their age, it maybe because the young girls are usually not so demanding in bed. The young girls are pleased when they are pampered with expensive trips and showered with costly gifts. The rich old man, may in fact be running away from his wife and women of his age because he knows that with his waning powers, he has no chance of satisfying a mature woman in bed.

On the other hand, a cougar has no problem in giving her boy toy all the erotic pleasure that he can imagine. If the women in the past felt guilty about such affairs with boys, it was because they were dependent on their older husbands for shelter, food and survival. An educated, financially independent woman of today is open about dating men young enough to be her son. If gay sex and marriage can be accepted and live-in relations do not raise eyebrows, then why should cougar singles looking for younger men be frowned upon?

The Young Male Has Sex On His Mind

Men are at their sexual peak in their late teens and early twenties. This is the time when they are looking for sex, most of the time. He knows that he lacks in sexual experience and the girls of his age are awkward too, when it comes to expressing their sexuality. He wants to enjoy sex but his inexperience frustrates him.

Most boys do not have the patience to adhere to the rules of courtship and dating. He seems to be desperate to disrobe the woman and have instant gratuitous sex. His sexual stamina can intimidate any girl who is the same age as him or younger. In his lust for sex he may fail to even arouse his female partner, let alone satisfy her.

A series of hasty couplings later, a girl may feel used and humiliated and is ready to dump him unceremoniously. This is why a young man secretly lusts after well endowed older women who are not self conscious and are looking for some adventurous and intense sex themselves.

The sexual attraction between a boy and a cougar is mutual and must be accepted as an exciting and natural way of experiencing sex. If a cougar’s hedonistic nature is coming out in the open now, it only shows how a successful and emancipated modern woman feels about her sexuality. Her lack of fear and guilt makes cougar dating that much more exciting and adventurous.

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