Dating A Cougar – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Most people seem to cringe when they come across the word Cougar. However, just like any other relationship, dating a cougar has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A cougar is defined as a middle aged woman who seeks to have a romantic relationship with a younger man. The concept of cougar dating has slowly become immensely popular and one can see more and more women with youthful spirits being open about their relationships with men who may even be 15 years younger to them.

Advantage – A Cougar Is Not Shy About Her Sexuality

One of the biggest advantages of dating a cougar is that they are extremely relaxed and playful. Moreover, they are not reserved or shy about telling their partners exactly what they want without playing games. Thus, men feel a lot more comfortable with a cougar in the bedroom because most men wish for a woman who is not shy about her own sexuality.

Advantage – A Cougar Brings Immense Experience Into The Relationship

Another advantage of dating a cougar is the experience that she brings into the table. These women are much older and therefore have a lot of experience which they are quite happy to share with their younger mates. As a result, one can learn immensely from someone who has been there and done that. It also exposes men to numerous facts and experiences which would otherwise always remain missing from their lives.

Advantage – Dating A Cougar Is Free From Commitments

Finally, dating a cougar also allows men to be commitment free. Most cougars are looking for men who prefer relationships that do not have any commitments. Thus, the headaches of marriages and children are never an issue between a cougar couple as most cougars prefer younger men to have a more active sex life.

Disadvantage – It Is Still Looked Down Upon

On the other hand, despite the fact that society has advanced tremendously, cougar couples are still given the “looks” each time they go to a bar or a pub. In fact, most people still look down on the concept of dating an older woman which causes the families to always be against such relationships.

Disadvantage – The Golden Years Are Fast Approaching

Another problem with dating a cougar is that the golden years are quite close. The initial phases may be amazing as the man is ecstatic about showing off his partner to his friends and colleagues. However, the excitement in a few years and the man is not as ecstatic as he would not want to show off a woman who could easily pass as his mother. Moreover, as a woman grows older, her energy levels go down. This fact might cause the younger man to look at girls who are closer to his age and can match his energy levels.

Thus, dating a cougar may have its disadvantages but what relationship doesn’t. Moreover, such an arrangement is ideal for couples who clearly understand the rules of engagement right at the start of the relationship and abide by it. Such relationships allow women to be commitment free and which man looks for commitment in his younger years. As a result, it becomes a win-win situation for both.

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