How Does Cougar Dating Work?

Younger guys are turning their eyes to the mature woman for a lot of reasons. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is the fear of rejection. A common plea is ‘Where do I actually meet a cougar’. Plus how does cougar dating work? The male usually doesn’t want to come across as creepy. So his main focus is to find an older woman for the very same reasons as any guy looks for a female partner. Attraction, great conversation and of course good sex!

So Where Do Cougars Hang Out?

Some refer to this as the Cougars Den. This could be a possible lead up to how cougar dating works. To find them in their own special lairs. Cougars more often than not work out. They are very in tune with their physicality and sexuality. So gyms are a great Cougars Den. If you frequent one you could very well soon be on your way to understanding how cougar dating works. They are also not afraid to eat dinner out alone. So good restaurants is a great place to spot them. Some enjoy healthy memberships to Spa’s and sports clubs. Tennis is often popular. So hone up your sporting repertoire as soon as you can.

Keep Your Wallet Handy

A fully fledged cougar is normally financially sound, plus can take care of herself without any help from you. This is what makes her independent. As well as attractive. But don’t come across as a moocher. She can suss out a moocher faster than most. So gifts are appreciated, so are romantic dinners that you pay for. In return you can expect the same kind of spoiling you are dishing out to her. It is very much a like for like situation. So if you are a man looking to be taken care of. Move on, and give more intellectual credit to the older wiser woman.

Don’t Forget To Be A Friend

Cougars enjoy good company. This can translate into hours of chandelier hanging, as she has very few inhibitions. As well as chomping pop corn in front of her favourite horror film. Most of all a great sense of humour and trust is important to her. Like any relationship, trust opens the doors to greater things. Like devotion or love. She might see your pending relationship as short term or long. But it will always be very memorable.

Sounds Like A Lot Of Preparation?

Just remember the cougar you are after could also be after you. So to speak. So she may be more visible than you realise. Some have great profiles on internet sites. Normally they are well thought out as they know what they want. That is what makes them attractive in the first place. Their knowledge of themselves and possibly the mate they seek. If you do seek your cougar this way ensure your profile is genuine and not beefed up. She can spot a fake a mile away.

So how does cougar dating work? A little bit of confidence, and an ability to seek out what you want should work well. Plus using all the resources open to you. To think like a cougar is to think like a hunter. So whether you meet your ideal cougar through the internet or that fancy restaurant don’t forget to be genuine and don’t be afraid to just ask!

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