How To Attract And Date Hot Older Women!

Okay men you have probably wondered this over the years as you dated right? Will she like me? She is too much older than me? She will never fall for a younger guy. Well do not fear! With a little luck and some tips you just might find yourself with a beautiful woman who is older and wiser than you for a lovely night out! Or maybe even something that will last a lifetime! You will never know until you try and live a little! So put on that nice suit, freshen that breathe, and get yourself used to some wise tips that can serve wonders!

Cougar Dating Tips:

1) Never Make Her Feel Old!

In other words never draw attention to her age or do anything to indicate to her that she is “old”. Instead tell her she looks beautiful or maybe even compliment her on the sexy shirt she is wearing. Just do not draw attention to the age! No one likes feeling old so you will definitely get more brownie points if you make her feel younger! In the end if she is happy then you will be happy. What can be wrong with that?

2) Give Her The Royal Treatment

All women like being given the royal treatment in a sense. If you want things to go smoothly try giving her that queen treatment. Hold the door open for her, compliment her lovely hair style, ask questions if there are other new things you notice that appeal to you and her, and just keep on bringing in the compliments! If the royal treatment is given to her she will definitely be very attentive and maybe even curious about you. So bring out the royalty and grab yourself a lovely cougar!

3) Never Be Controlling

Okay look at it this way. This woman is probably going to be quite a bit older than you right? Therefore she probably has quite the experience in being independent and does not like to be controlled. When being with her do not be too needy or controlling. They do not like that! From the moment they get the feeling that their life is going to be controlled by someone else the relationship might as well be in hot water! Maybe you will just get sent to the doghouse. Either way it is not going to be a pretty picture!

4) Be On The Same Page

Mare sure the both of you are on the same page in regards to where things are going. Are you both looking for just a casual fling or are you both looking for something that will be long term and last forever? If you both are on the same page then it is a green light to go forward. However if the both of you do not see eye to eye on where the relationship might be heading it might be time to cut the cord. Therefore the both of you will not be wasting any more time and can move on to someone who will be more fitting to what you are looking for out of life.

So overall see where things take the both of you from here. It might be a bit intimidating at first but that is part of the experience! What is life without that little bit of risk and chance? Get out there and seize the day!

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