Interested In Dating A Cougar? Here Are Things You Need To Put In Perspective

So you finally decided to give into the allure of mature women seduction; to plunge into the deeper waters of dating. To face the murky parts and swim to the deepest part where the stillness of the water is serene and the waves are not as threatening as they seemed to be from ashore. To cut the Greek short, are you interested in dating a cougar? If the answer is yes, here are a few pointers of doing it right. As they say, if you`re going to do it, better do it right.

Be Natural

A cougar is an experienced sensual woman. We both know that you get the sensual part, what about the experienced facet of her? The experienced part of her begs for natural; embraces it in fact. This simply means that with her there is no pretence. The experienced part of her knows when you are lying; she`s been lied to before, severally.

The experienced part of her looks deep into your soul when you think it is just eye contact and nothing more. The best thing to do therefore would be to aim to say it as it is. Be open and confident as you say the truth. This way you won`t be like that child with sugar crumbs around the mouth swearing it wasn’t him who took the sugar.

Upfront Is Really Good

Things that are better left hidden or swept under the carpet do not exist with them. It is wise to be upfront with them. Upfront in this context means open and sincere; unassuming. When you chat online, do not assume that they want you to send them a picture, ask. When you`ve met up for a date, do not order for the wine, ask her the type of wine she likes. Asking also encompasses the bedroom matters.

What exactly does she want from the relationship? Is this just a wild fling for her or does she want something that is built from the foundation up? Do her expectations tally with yours? Once you know all these things, you will not be rudely sidetracked or suddenly realize that the two of you are not reading from the same page of the book.

Where Does The Difference Come In?

Every single woman is different. This applies all the way across the board. Being a cougar does not therefore wipe out the fact that she is all woman. As much as you will get all manner of advice, heaps upon heaps of it in fact, know that she is different. As you get to know her, do not enter the dating scene with a set mind on pointers of who cougars are. Take your time, go it slowly.

People who go it too fast do not last long. Bid your time to know her. Be purposeful in your approach. A woman never misses the decisive stride of a man that approaches her. A woman never fails to be intrigued and slightly taken aback with the confident stride a man approaches her with. Yearn to know her. What ticks her off? What makes her day complete? This way you do not approach her as a cougar but as a woman.

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