Older Women Looking For Younger Men

The history of cougar dating is traced back as early as during the eighteenth century. This form of dating gained popularity during the late 20th century and its popularity has increased especially in the twenty first century. In the current world, dating is a common concept that is one of the greatest life skills.

Owing to the complexity and challenges of meeting the right spouse or dating partner, the act of dating (cougar dating) has been made possible through use of social sites and social-media. Some companies have heavily invested resources in developing software to enhance the process of cougar dating.

Unlike in the past, the trend in cougar dating is taking a twist with the most recent advancement being the increase in the rate of relationships involving young men against older women. It has been established that older women (especially single or divorced) are after younger men. This has changed from the past when dating mainly engaged couples of almost equal age or age-mates. The change in the dating age is attributed to psychological, social, emotional, and economic factors. Other prompting reasons for the change in sexual preference and taste of women are sexual satisfaction.

Why Older Women Date Younger Men?

From the psychological point of view, the new twist in cougar relationships and dating is mainly attributed to the rising cases of infidelity and unfaithfulness in legal or formal marriages. The rise in the incidences of immorality and couples’ unfaithfulness has resulted into higher cases of divorces leading to loneliness with the most affected group being older women (above 50 years).

From such relationship break-ups, older women often fall the victim. The stress accumulation and social despair that these older women go through leaves them will little alternatives at their disposal with respect to life partners. Since such women have had a bitter experience in their past relationship and marriage experiences with their age-mates, they opt for new adventure in young men.

The second reason for the older women-young men cougar dating is founded on the economic and financial stability. Younger men are not empowered economically and are therefore vulnerable. Due to their inadequate economic power, they fall prey to engaging older women in relationships with no commitment.

Women on their part have sound financial backing that gives them the power to manipulate younger men into sexual affairs at the exchange of money and other financial benefits. Young men therefore have no choice but to exchange their body for money with women nearly at the age of their parents.

Finally, psychologists argue that as women get older, their sexual demands also increase. In their bid to satisfy their sexual desires, older women often preferred sexually active younger men. Therefore, older women prefer dating younger men who are very energetic with the ability to deliver on bed thereby meeting the sexual demands of older women.

In conclusion, the rise in the cases of older women dating younger men is explained with economic, social and emotional reasoning. Cougar dating sites provides the opportunity for these groups to interact and meet their desired sexual/dating partners at zero cost.

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