On Midlife Women And Cougar Dating

People’s views on midlife women and cougar dating are more often than not coloured by prejudice. While reams have been written about mid life crises that men need to deal with; in the case of women the issues that are discussed pertain to menopause and the impact it has on a woman’s life and lifestyle.

While the latter issue is extremely important, and certainly needs to be given the importance it deserves, the point being made here is that much like a man a woman too might feel that the world has passed her by and mop about it. To a large extent this is connected with menopause and all that it entails, but at the core, the issue remains the same for both men and women-fewer number of years left to chase one’s dreams.

When women hit middle age, they too evaluate their life gone by, and invariably there will always remain a few markers on which, to their minds they did not acquit themselves very well. Romantic relationships are one very important marker, and women being more intuitive and emotional possibly feel the need to have fulfilling ones, even more strongly than men. So they too will seek out relationships, and at this stage of their lives, they definitely have a fair idea of the type of men they would be compatible with.

Now here is where the rub lies. They could be compatible with somebody much younger than them. Now if the young men in question don’t have an issue, and are similarly inclined where does the concept of cougar dating come in. It would be an issue if for example the woman were imposing herself on a man who is in a subordinate person or who otherwise is not interested in her romantically. But that is a situation, that has nothing to do age; and the regular rules of engagement should apply.

This whole thing on midlife women and cougar dating is largely an outcome of twentieth century morality as represented in popular cinema and literature, and could be safely attributed to what one might call the Mrs. Robinson effect. In the old days there wasn’t the same stigma attached to couples with a wide age gap between them, and there is no scientific or rational explanation behind this as well. It is all due to the conditioning of our minds, and our cultural biases.

From a practical point of view with longevity being higher than ever before in human history and people being able to retain their youthfulness a lot longer, it makes eminent sense to keep your romantic options open. And as long as these are lawful and consensual one should not care a fig about what people say. The same people would ban gay unions, segregate races and bar women from driving!

Midlife women like midlife women are at a stage in life which poses a certain specific set of challenges. But then that is the case throughout life. At every age and every stage of life there will be challenges which need to be met; but that does not include foreclosing certain desirable options.

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