The Cougar Revolution – Why Are They Dating Younger Men?

More rich and successful older women are going the cougar route and seeking younger men for a relationship. One may just wonder why these women do this but there are no doubt solid reasons why. Outlined below are reasons why this woman with a seemingly perfect-looking life depicting all hallmarks of success would want to date a younger man.

1. The Control Factor

It is no secret, cougars enjoy being in control of a relationship. They find it easier to control these younger men compared to their older counterparts who have been known to challenge their decisions or ideas, harshly criticize and even forbid whenever they deem necessary.

Younger men have been known to respect their older lovers and listen to them often because they consider them well versed on the crucial aspects of life with their years of experience. Most of the younger men actually depend on these women for not only financial security, but they also seek their guidance on other life matters. What better way to establish control in a relationship than getting a younger man?

2. The Sexual Intimacy

This is a great bonus for the older woman and in most cases it is actually the major reason. It goes without saying that younger men are very active and energetic. Most of them are also eager to learn new tricks and ready to please; they will therefore sate these older women’s sexual appetites and enjoy themselves too because they appreciate the older woman’s confidence and experience when it comes to intimacy matters.

3. Feeling Younger And Attractive

Most women feel younger and more attractive when they date younger men. They are actually flattered and consoled when these young men find them attractive. As they indulge in the wild adventures both in and out of the bedroom, they feel more spirited and unleash their younger self more than usual. They feel beautiful, appreciated and young just like in their youth, which is why they will always have these younger men by their side.

4. Spicing Up Life

Some of these older women have actually spent all their life as career women, raising children, building or running their empires, being the good wife and many other things that society deems necessary. Their children are probably all grown and might have left home and no longer need her. She might be divorced or with an uninterested spouse and best of all she is usually rich with money to spend in several lifetimes. With her boring life, she definitely needs some fun and excitement to spice it up which is why she will seek a younger man.

5. To Make A Statement

Unlike the old days when older women dating younger men was frowned upon, that perception is changing. The older woman in these current times is likely to be admired when she bags an attractive younger man, especially by her not so lucky peers. There is nothing better that will make society sit up and pay attention than an older woman openly dating a younger man. It is the best way for an older woman to churn the rumor and gossip mills; the perfect way to make a bold statement.

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