Tips On Dating Cougars

Getting To Know A Cougar

Despite all the stories, misinformation and jokes about cougars, they are just like any other people in the dating game. However, cougars come with a certain level of preference and mostly a no-nonsense attitude. A cougar is any attractive woman aged between 40 and 60 years who prefers dating younger men. They have a strong sense and grasp on the dating game rules and are usually wiling to be involved as equal partners. To some young men dating cougars is a fantasy and they always wonder on the different ways on how to date a cougar.

There are many reasons that could make an individual stand out as a viable partner to a cougar. Older women tend to know what they want in their relationships including their needs and desires. Men sexual stamina is usually at its peak during their 20’s and tends to depreciate as they get older.

For women, their sexuality is usually at their peak between ages 30 and 40. When women hit their midlife crisis, they have an unexplainable urge to feel young again. Therefore, they tend think about dating younger men who will make them feel younger. They become more outgoing as they have a need to quench their inner urge of becoming young again.

Treat Her With Consideration

For men wondering on ways to date a cougar their is a need to have some priorities that will keep the lady more interested and satisfied.The first and mandatory way of dating a cougar is ensuring that one treats her exceptionally. Treating a woman well keeps her interested and jovial. Occasional complements about her looks dressing and style will always earn points. It is necessary to be always courteous and polite while noticing the little details about her.
Cougars want to date someone who will treat them well and make them feel young. Ensure that her age never comes into account while mingling or having fun. Complementing her intelligence and uniqueness will always make her feel empowered and young.Always share with her new experiences that she would have missed out on during her younger days. This keeps the relationship interesting and ensures she is always thinking about you. Taking her to concerts, sky diving, road trips or doing stuff she may have not done at a tender age.

Most imperatively, one should think of stuff that will definitely make her feel young again. There is even need to consider taking her out with one’s friends who are younger and involving her more. Cougars want to feel appreciated and they always want to be treated the similar to a girlfriend of ones age. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that similar to any other relationship your expectations are similar.

While in a relationship, it is advisable to often talk and ensure that you both have various things in common. You should get to know what the lady wants from the relationship in a bid to decide whether you are comfortable with the relationship and her. Top most, you should never be too controlling. Older women are exceedingly independent and they do not like men who order them around. It is necessary to be thoughtful and always consider her opinions. While these are just general tips on different ways on how to date a cougar, every individual has his unique way when it come to dating.

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