WARNING – Your Dating Life Could Be Changed By A Hot Cougar!

If you’re in your twenties or even your early thirties, then your dating life could be changed by a hot cougar. A cougar is typically a woman in her thirties, forties, or even fifties who is looking to hook up and have sex with a younger man. And if you are the younger man then you are cougar bait, mate!

There are pros and cons to dating a cougar. Not the least of the cons is that while a woman in her forties may look pretty fit (think Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston), at some point age is going to catch up with her. If you’re 22 and start dating a 40-year old then when you are 42, she’s going to be 60. Do you want to be around someone who might be your mother? It’s an important consideration.

Another problem is that your average cougar may (indeed is likely to) have kids. Those kids may even be the same age as you are. That can be a difficult one to handle. You’re the same age as they are, but you’re sleeping with their mother. A cougar may also be divorced, or going through a divorce, have business problems, be in debt or have children in their teens who are every man’s worst nightmare.

That said, let’s have a look at the pros. Your average cougar is on the prowl for one chief reason. She wants sex – and lots of it. She may well be past the child-bearing age, so you don’t have to worry about condoms, or the fact that she gets grumpy for five days every month. (Just imagine – sex on tap every day of the month, twelve months a year!).

And many of these women are extremely fit to look at, certainly at the moment. You may well find your friends envying you and pestering you with all sorts of questions about what she’s like in bed. You might even become some sort of a hero in your locality.

Your cougar may also be well-off financially and, in return for the services you can provide, be happy to buy you presents, take you out to dinner and treat you to exotic holidays. I mean, loads of sex and you’re getting paid for it as well! Bring it on, mate!

But above all she’s going to have experience in the sack. A cougar has probably been having sex since she was fifteen, or even younger. If she’s 40 then she’s got twenty-five years of experience so by this time she’s learned a thing or two.

And with a few tricks up her sleeve that she’s picked up over the years you can be in for a very wild ride indeed. Not only does she know how to really please a guy in bed, but she also knows that in order to keep him – and therefore get what she wants as well – she’s going to really have to perform.

So yes, it’s true, your dating life could be changed by a hot cougar.

Sure, she may have a bit of “baggage” that’s she’s picked up over the years. But contrast that with mind-blowing non-stop sex with a fit 40 year old.

Yeah, mate, it’s a tough one isn’t it?

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