Why Cougar Dating Is Popular And How To Succeed At It

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Cougar dating is a relationship between a young man and a woman who is more than eight years older than the man. While a cougar relationship may be awkward in the perspective of many conservatives, this type of relationship is one of the most popular in the current times.

However, most conservative societies have not accepted this types of relationship and those engaged in such relationships maintain the relationship as a top secret. Surprisingly, many young men prefer older women but they do not know what they need to do in order to succeed at cougar relationships.
Below is an explanation for the reasons why cougar dating is popular and how to succeed at it.

Why Cougar Dating Is Popular

Lack Of Adequate Financial Ability

Many young people believe that it is impossible to maintain a romantic relationship between a young lady and a man who is slightly older than the lady if the man is not financially stable. They argue that the man should be able to provide for all the expenses that they incur when on a date. Since many men do not have enough money, they prefer a relationship with older women who do not care about the man’s financial status.

Most Women Feel That The Young Men Are Controllable

Many women who engage in cougar dating prefer it because they can manage to control their younger partners. In some cases, the men are quite submissive to their partners and this makes the women more comfortable. The young men are less likely to impose any restrictions on their partners when in a cougar relationship.

The Women Believe That The Younger Men Are More Lively, Presentable And Energetic

Many women like presentable, muscular and lively men. There is a popular belief among some women that the young men are livelier and more muscular than the older men. Therefore, such women believe that the young men will satisfy them better than the older men. It is also rare to find young men with tummies, which women hate to see.

Most Young Men Consider The Older Women To Be More Attractive And Mature

Many young men find older women to be more attractive than younger women. They like the shape of the older women’s physical appearance and the maturity associated with old age. These men consider younger girls to be a bit immature.

Tips On How To Succeed In Cougar Dating.

If you are a young man who is very interested in your cougar relationship, ensure that you understand what your partner likes and what she does not like. The same case applies to the women in such relationships. This is the key to the success of any type of a relationship.

If you are a man, keep the woman happy and comfortable by ensuring that the bed is neatly kept after waking up in the morning. By doing this, you will make the woman to love you more and the relationship will last for a long time. Maintain very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This applies to both partners in the relationship.

A sensible woman cannot be interested in a dirty young man. For the men, it is almost impossible to see a young man being attracted to a woman whose standards of hygiene and general cleanliness are laughable.

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